• Wayfinding

  • Georeferenced Push notifications

  • Customer Journey data

Your clients need it:

Create georeferenced experiences with your App!

App Location Services


Indoor Positioning technology

  • You don't need additional hardware, just your App

  • 4 technology patents in the USA

  • Award-winning technology at the International Conference for Indoor Positioning & Indoor Location, Sapporo, Japan 2017

"Our innovative random walk model allows us to take advantage of the RSSI measurement history, and in turn allow us to improve predictive power and overcome traditional indoor positioning approaches"

Dr. Tomás Lungenstrass Poulsen

Arara Lead Data Scientist

Data Science team leader and

Arara researcher


Our services


We tell you exactly how and where to go to quickly find what you are

looking for. Never get lost again!

Proximity Marketing

Send push notifications according to areas of your venue, promote your products and services, improve cross-sell and indicate good practices.

Communicate in the right place!

Customer Journey data

Receive data from areas where your customers move, directly to your CRM or data warehouse. Generate customer segments and consumption profiles with real data!


How does it work ?

SDK in your App

Integrate our SDK into your
App. I shouldn't take you more than 1 day!



We map your venue and it's good to go !

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